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We develop effective online tactics   
to outperform your competition  
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BA Ad Dip Mgt CAPM
Founder NET AGE Pty Ltd
Established 1995

Our expertise is in achieving 'online strategic advantage'

A Net Age developed online portal - optimised for key phrases - delivers prospects, customer satisfaction, revenue and profit. 


“All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer,
but what none can see is the strategy
out of which victory is evolved.”

Sun Tzu (544 – 496BC) ‘The Art of War’


Web sites
since 1995

In 2011

internet orders totalled
$143 billion

in Australia
 (Source ABS)

Net Age Pty Ltd provides:

Contact Net Age to extend reach, outperform competition and create something special.

Proven web site creation since 1995

Proven web sites
since 1995

Net Age Pty Ltd is celebrating it's 18th year!

Business knows the value of experience.  With experience comes efficiency - developing your web presence rapidly.  And experience offers low risk - we've done this before and we know what we're doing.

Net Age provides low risk, efficient, effective web site creation and deployment. 

Please check out our web design experience


Effective web sites
since 1995

Achieving effective results

With experience comes effectiveness.  Effectiveness really counts.  For your site to have an impact - to produce results - it must be effective.

An effective online strategy is key. In conjunction with you we determine how we can outclass and out perform your online competitors.

This approach provides you with an online competitive advantage

High function
 web sites
at low cost

Functionality ensures returning clients

The prioritised needs of your target audience is critical to the success of your site.  It may be as simple as the ability to buy goods directly with credit or paypal.  It may be memberships, secure areas, databases or something unique.

The functional need that attracts and serves your market is the priority. 

Net Age is expert in determining and fulfilling such customer needs online.

Be found
 by search engines

Generate 'hits' with judicious search optimisation

Organic search results (those created through search optimisation) are the single most impactful online marketing strategy for client purchase probability, loyalty and increased amount of purchase.

Net Age will develop an online marketing plan targeting clients and prospects to ensure results.

Net Age is expert in establishing, monitoring and tuning online sales campaigns.

hosting, email,
day to day operations

Reliable, fast hosting solutions

Taking care of the online housekeeping requires reliable, rapid response, backed up facilities.

Of course Net Age provides superior hosting solutions at cost competitive rates.

Its part of our single supplier solution  strategy.
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Contact us for a no cost consultation

To explore your options for an outstanding results driven online solution please email, call or request a consultation or web site quotation..



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